Hypertech Agriculture Projects

Hypertech CBS Agro is a one-stop agriculture company. We produce, process, market and export agricultural products. We also help investors in agriculture and in the government navigate the opportunities and challenges created by growing global demand, and build the capabilities they need to succeed.

Locally (within Nigeria) Hypertech supports its partners in two main sectors— Hydroponics and Greenhouse Farming. Through our network we have developed supply chains that span across central Nigeria. From our Greenhouse Farmers who grow and process various crops to finished products, to our partners with supermarket chains, Hypertech ensures the smooth flow of quality products from the farmlands to the consumer.

For enquires:

Hypertech CBS Agro
No. 12 Zaire Crescent
Off Mississippi Street, Minister’s Hill
Maitama Abuja 5
Phone: 08033153666
Email: info@hypertech.com

London Office
Allen House, No 1 Westmead Road
Sutton Surey Sm1 4LA
London, United Kingdom